By 2020, 75% of field workers will be digitally enabled.

What's your game plan?

KOROK Technologies offers the only workflow and reporting digital platform for non-destructive inspection

Source: Gartner, Magic Quadrant for Field Service Management, September 2017

Scale your business with fast and flawless execution

See how smart digital procedure and reports automation are transforming NDT inspection companies.

KOROK Technologies addresses the number one priority of capital-intensive industry: operational cost reduction. This can be accomplished through the adoption of our digital platform, the only digital platform dedicated to the inspection industry and specifically designed for non-destructive testing.

Empowered Workforce

Our digital companion provides step-by-step guidance to technicians throughout their inspection process. No task is forgotten onsite. Field technicians save time with automated close-out reports.

Compliant Process

Asset owner/operator and services companies get standardized results across all their contractors and employees. They can easily create, deploy and track their procedures.

Analytics & Visibility

Through the web portal, all stakeholders get a centralized view showing the jobs in progress and performance metrics.  They get better metrics on the real cost and can recognize revenue faster.

Digital leaders create better financial performances and increased operational efficiency

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Reshaping how you make inspections

The era of pen and paper is over.  Make your field workers happier, more productive and get unprecedented visibility into field operations, anywhere, anytime.


An app creator that lets you build your own inspection procedures and workflows.  Accessible anywhere, anytime from the web.  You start from scratch, from a template or you buy a ready-to-go procedure on the marketplace, the web portal has everything you need.


Dispatch a pre-populated work order to the right technician with the right procedure.  Your schedule doesn't allow for a dispatch planned in advance? No problem, simply make the procedures available and the tech will pick the right one for the job onsite.  One of the procedure has been updated, publish it on the web portal and all your users will get the latest version instantaneously.


Thanks to this digital companion, field technicians have all the information they need at hand. Be it a health and safety requirements list or a complete inspection procedure, the digital companion  provides step-by-step guidance.  The tech will not have to worry about omitting important information and can focus on the critical tasks.


Whenever a screen capture or data file has to be retrieved from a third-party unit, simply use the wireless dongle to establish the connection.  Send/receive files and keep everything digitally stored in a structured way.



As data is collected digitally, generating the final close-out report is as simple as a click.  The report and data can be sent to an email inbox, cloud storage or a workflow can be triggered for an approval step.



Get an overview of the job progress, technician performance and conformity ratio. Customize the dashboard to your own needs 


Because working in silos is a thing of the past, leverage our API and ready-to-use connectors to further automate your process. 

An End-to-End Solution

From field data to analytics

Web Portal Features

Accessible anytime, anywhere from the web.


Provide data mapping, performance analysis and job progress status.  A single place to get a centralized view.

App & Process Creator

Easily create your own inspection procedure and reporting template from scratch or from a model. 

Connect and Automate

Leverage our API to connect with external system and automate your digital workflows.



Buy and sell field proven inspection procedures.  Each one is reviewed and authenticated by us.

Manage & Dispatch

Create groups, manage permission levels and dispatch your work orders.

Mobile App Features

Online or offline, your digital companion is always on.


Runs on iOS, Android and Windows.  Online, offline, anywhere, anytime.

Media Rich

Natively supports audio, photo and video captures.


Advanced Functions

Creates your own formulas, conditional logics and cascading choices.

NFC - QR - Barcode

Minimize any text entry by leveraging our NFC, QR and barcode scanning capabilities.

Results Sharing

In addition to the web portal, results can be shared via email and other systems like Box, SharePoint, Google Drive, etc.


Our Offer

Kick-Off Package

A package to ensure your success

One-time fee
  • Initial mandatory training
  • System installation and configuration
  • On-premise or cloud-based configuration 

Pay as you go

Flex pricing adapted to your context

 A small annual fee
A predictable pricing for each submitted report
  • Create your own digital processes and procedures
  • Pay only when a report is submitted
  • No extra fees to add new users

Consultation Services

Hero services on-demand

Price per hour
  • Process review and optimization
  • Report customization
  • Group and one-to-one training
  • Project management and hand-off