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>Pilot Program

The digital transformation happening in the industrial inspection world brings huge benefits to the whole ecosystem.  We're proud to make it happen. 

The pilot program is an easy way to confirm the value brought by our platform.

First movers will enjoy the immediate benefits of digitalization for their own operations while shifting the focus on the most value-added applications. 

What you get

Try the only digital platform made for the NDT community.

When joining the pilot program, you get full access to our platform.  We ask for appropriate resources commitment which allows us to adequately onboard you. The pilot provides you with personalized training and support for a specific application that you have identified.  We'll digitize your existing inspection procedures and ensure a smooth rollout. 

Join the pilot program 

Get privileged access to our digital platform and among the leaders to reap the benefits.

Specify the industry and context of the application you have in mind (e.g.: refinery, in-service corrosion monitoring using ultrasonic testing)